Cheap round-trip flights to Europe this fall, Northern Lights calling

Cheap round-trip flights to Europe this fall, Northern Lights calling

Have you started planning your fall vacation yet? If you have not, this is the right time. This is the time to score fantastic deals on travel to a destination as exotic as Europe.

When we are mentioning deals here, we are talking about the multiple airlines from the U.S.A to the popular European destinations. The cheapest flights to Europe are Iceland, Reykjavik from where you can easily get the views of the Northern Lights between November to March.

Spain, Barcelona, Finland, and Helsinki are the Christmas special destinations that you can book for now and enjoy affordable travel.

Travellers going from New York can reach Paris from September to November at $334 for a round-trip. Alternatively, Oslo tickets would price as low as $310 for a round-trip from October to December. Reaching Dublin, London, and Rome is also equally easy between the months October to March at cheap airfares covering round-trip travel.

Deals from Newark, Boston, and Washington DC to Helsinki, Iceland, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and Copenhagen respectively start at $264 for a round-trip ticket.

Among the West Coast, round-trip flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago to Iceland, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and London start at $260 from this fall to winter.


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