Ghost dunes discovered on Mars

Ghost dunes discovered on Mars
Ghost dunes discovered on Mars

New croissant shaped creatures have been spotted on Mars that are helping scientists to discover the history of the red planet.

These creatures are also called ‘ghost dunes’ and are the hardened forms of sand dunes, that were created when lava entered and solidified around the lower layers of the dunes.

While the sand atop disappeared with the winds, the negative space on which the dune stood was kept as a pit on the Martian surface. Although the gigantic sand dunes had been spotted in images of the Red Planet earlier, the features were originally discovered in 2016 on the Earth and recently a year ago on Mars.

The researchers spotted some parts of the ghost dunes with the help of satellite images on the surface of two different areas on Mars. Seeing the size, shape, and age of the dunes that could shed some light on the climate of Mars.


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