Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ to have a strong Indian connection

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise along with his Mission Impossible team lands in Kashmir to shoot for an important plot in the storyline. This will be the sixth movie in MI series namely, Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

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From the beginning to the thrilling climax scene, there are many plots in the upcoming sixth part of the franchise with a ‘desi’ twist. Impossible Mission Force agent Ethan Hunt, portrayed by Cruise, will be back again to redefine “Impossible”.

There might be several references to India in the film with the whole final sequence set in the country, but the makers didn’t shoot the movie in India, instead of transforming a valley in New Zealand into a small village of Kashmir to shoot the portion.

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It starts with an epidemic breaking out in Kashmir, with the country coming on the radar of the after-effects of an attack in several cities around the world. To save the world, the team crosses borders and heads to Kashmir to avert the danger which is threatening a large population of three countries.

From scenes of day-to-day life in Kashmir to an adrenaline-pumping helicopter chase sequence and crash in the snow-capped mountains and a mention of the Indian Army, the film has an action-packed ‘desi’ bond.

“We wouldn’t have had permission to shoot a helicopter chase sequence anywhere in the world apart from New Zealand,” he said following the film’s screening for select media from across the world here.


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