Audi unveils E-Tron’s futuristic interior

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German automaker Audi has now released a new set of images showing off the E-Tron’s futuristic interior.

From what can be seen, the images appear to be of a production-ready model because there’s nothing that’s obviously concept, or “out there” about the cabin. Having said that, there’s no getting away from the fact it’s very futuristic. The most obvious standout feature is the cockpit that’s dominated by a pair of large screens on the dash and in the instrument cluster, much like the recently released Q8 flagship SUV.

Because this is an overtly luxurious model and not just the latest in a long line of electrified SUV crossovers, the audio system is supplied by the legendary Danish hi-fi manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. The system boasts a 705-watt power amplifier and a staggering 16 speakers located throughout the cabin. However, it’s hard to say how high-fidelity the sound will actually be as owners will probably be using the system to stream low-res mp3s through Bluetooth from a smartphone.

As well as the two large screens, a couple of additional seven-inch screens can also be seen near where the wing mirrors would normally be situated. These are to show what would normally be seen in the wing mirrors as they’ve been deleted here and replaced by a pair of rear-facing cameras.

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Omitting traditional wing mirrors isn’t just an aesthetic trait or even being technological for the sake of it. In fact, the idea is to help the active aerodynamics which, along with the air suspension system that can lower the vehicle at speed, reduce the E-Tron’s drag coefficient to as low as 0.25. The two rearview screens offer three different views for motorways, street corners and for parking, which Audi wants to point out makes the E-tron the first mass-production car to have such a feature.

The official launch of the car was due to be in Brussels on August 30, but that has been cancelled so the full reveal will come a little later in the year in the US.

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