This is how Twitteratti helped Anand Mahindra find his wonder boy

A few days ago, Anand Mahindra was tagged by a twitter user Austin Scaria along with a video of a multilingual boy selling fans made out of peacock feathers. Anand Mahindra was so impressed by the lad that he asked his team to track down this boy and support his education.

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His tweet collected over 3,000 ‘likes’ and more than 700 retweets. Several Twitter users pointed out that the clip was an old one and the boy had probably grown up since it was first recorded.

As his team finally tracked down the boy, it turns out the viral video was indeed very old and the boy is now a married man with kids and he still sells the same peacock-feathered fans to earn a living.


The tweets have won a lot of love on Twitter and collectively received over 2,500 ‘likes’ and counting since being posted.

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“That is a super news… salute. This is inspirational. Looking forward to hear more about this talented boy,” says one Twitter user. “Great gesture. Keep up the good work,” says another.


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