This bear is setting ideal summer goals for 2018

This bear is setting ideal summer goals for 2018
This bear is setting ideal summer goals for 2018

A couple in California spotted a bear on Friday afternoon in their backyard where they were sitting with a drink each in their hands.

The Hough couple were sipping on margaritas as the female had come back from work and asked for it and wanted to take a dip in the pool under the sun. Suddenly, he heard the branches in the backyard crackling from his neighbour’s house.

As the noise got louder, he went to check what was happening on that side. They saw a bear coming towards their backyard and immediately rushed inside their house and took their dogs inside with them too.

After some time, Hough came out to see if the bear had gone, but to his surprise, something truly bizarre was happening.

The bear was having a good time in their backyard, playing with the chlorinator and thermometer. Then he grabbed the string of the thermometer and played with it cheerfully.

They also had a jacuzzi in their backyard and saw the bear taking a dip in it and then moving towards the table where the margaritas were kept. He picked up the lying margarita and sipped on it. After the margarita, as expected he was wasted and walked about for a bit and finally climbed up a tree and slept there happily for two hours.

The incident was reported to the police since it was not the first time the bear was sighted by anyone.



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