Salman to launch bodyguard Shera’s son in Bollywood

Salman will launch Tiger, his bodyguard’s son, in Bollywood. The super star plans to caste Shera in a lead role in an action movie, but only after the release of his brother-in law’s Loveratri. However, no further details were given by Salman.

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When Tiger was born, Salman had made a promise to Shera, his bodyguard “Yeh hero banega. Main banaunga.” In the intervening years, Salman kept mentioning the debut.

“This is the least Salman can do for a man who is ready to give his life for him. The star will ensure that Tiger’s debut is as promising as Ayush’s,” says a close friend of Salman. Loveratri is set too release on the October 5, this year.

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