Learn about the most famous and amazing geological wonders of the world


Earth is a complex structure. Over billions of years since its inception, many changes have come about on the earth and many reasons have contributed to this. Meteor crashes, volcano eruptions, strong winds, water currents and many other natural erosions and environmental changes have continuously changed the shape of  the Earth and in the process what has got formed are some natural geological wonders. These are completely built by the wear and tear of geographical structures on the Earth over a vast period of time.

Have a look at the top few –

Chocolate Hills, Philippines

This incredible formation of conical shaped hills spread across 50 square kilometres. There are 1776 such mountains in this area that are covered with grass.
During summer season the color of these hills turns to a chocolate one. The coral deposits from the sea have caused the formation. It is listed on the World Heritage Site.

Australian Wave Rocks

This unique and startling geological formation is on the western side of Australia. This wave like rock formation has been around for about 2700 million years. Measured at 15 meters, it features multi colored granite structures.

Eye of Sahara

Eye of Sahara is a circular geological formation in the western part of Sahara that can be seen from space. It has a diameter of 50 kms. It has an age of 480 million years.
From space stations this formation looks like an enormous bull’s eye.

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

‘Door to hell’ is the name given by locals to this natural gas field located in Derweze. This field was lit by scientists in 1971. Fuelled by natural gas, it has burnt continuously since the last 42 years. It can be seen miles ahead of the spot and even though many attempts have been made to die it down, nothing has succeeded. Geologists estimated presence of infinite amount of natural gases here.

Blue Lake Cave, Brazil

The minerals present in the caves cause brilliant blue colorization for its waters. As this lake has crystal clear water it is hard to believe that it has a depth of 90 meters.
Fossils as old as 10, 000 years, have been discovered from the depths of the lake. Presence of stalactites and stalagmites can also be seen. The lake also has high magnetism content.

Crystal Cave, Mexico
This cave in Mexico is identified to have the largest known crystal formation in the world. The crystal beams within this cave have a height of 32 meters. The mineral rich water that flows inside this cave plays a big role in keeping intact the amazing structure of these crystals. This cave system is enriched with limestones.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Antelope canyon is the most photographed geographical formation in United States. It is located in the Navajo county. Formed over decades of continuous hits of natural forces on sandstones, this area also features as an archaeological wonder. The canyon rocks have been formed over a million years of consistent rock formation.


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