Sushma Swaraj’s husband takes on Twitter trolls

New Delhi: Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj’s Husband Swaraj Kaushal has shown the mirror to a Twitter troll by retweeting the screenshot of an abusive post, which the man had deleted that said the union minister should be thrashed.

“Friends, please see this,” Swaraj Kaushal tweeted as he tackled the troll, whose Twitter profile mentions the name Mukesh Gupta with “IIT Delhi” in the handle.

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In another tweet four hours later, Mr Kaushal posted a screenshot of the abusive tweet by Mukesh Gupta, who had by then deleted his post.


“who else can teach @SushmaSwaraj a lesson or two,” said the troll whose profile says he’s a B.Tech.

The attack on Twitter comes five days after Sushma Swaraj was abused on Twitter after passports were issued to an inter-faith couple from Uttar Pradesh.



The attacks on social media on the couple were condemned by Twitter users, with several telling Mukesh Gupta to apologise. A Twitter user, Mehek, wrote: “And this dangerous mindset guy has studied in IIT. Even education can’t cure such people.”


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