Are Octopus an alien species?

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Some scientists now believe that octopus are not from earth and has come from outer space. Their special ability to regrow their body parts and huge intelligence is unlike any other species on Earth.

According to a study, scientists now think that cryopreserved eggs, embryos and seeds travelled to Earth from icy bodies in space. Later these eggs thawed and hatched into life on earth. This theory is a part of a debated concept, panspermia. The alien life forms landed up on Earth after traveling from space rocks, as the environment of Earth is conducive for growth of life.

The reason why this concept has been in the media is that many scientists also address this as false. They believe that the theory of viruses, microbes and animals transferred to earth from space cannot be taken seriously. There a quite a few reasons backing up their belief. The meteoroids that landed on Earth did not contain genetic material.

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The genes of octopus perfectly fit in the genetic makeup of life on earth. As for the new life in the fossil record, most scientists agree that there are more plausible explanations than aliens.

octopus, alien, Alien life, intelligent lifeform, science, space, Earth,

Octopuses usually prefer to live alone but recently few sites have been discovered where they have been found to have lived in groups. They are ancient creatures and had existed even before the giant dinosaurs. Some describe the creature as stupid as they approach a human hands when put in water which has been proven wrong with time.

Octopuses have even been able to solve mazes, take things apart just for fun and remember solutions.

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Another interesting fact about octopuses is that over half of their neurons are actually in their arms and not their head which means they can do multiple tasks simultaneously.

So, what do you think? Are octopuses really alien or ancient creatures of the Earth that have undergone numerous genetic mutations to reach their present state?

Do share your views with us.

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