‘They called me anti-muslim,’ says woman who filed petition against Nikah Halala

A day after the government extended its support to oppose the practices of Nikah Halala and polygamy in the Supreme Court, the woman who filed a petition to abolish the same has alleged that she is facing life-threatening attacks and rape threats from residents of the area where she tried to rent a house. She says that people are trying to force her to withdraw the case.

While speaking to NewsMobile partner Republic she said,“I was asked to pay a rent of Rs 10,000 per month for a house that I wanted to move into. I completed all the formalities with the thought that I will shift in the next 4-5 days. On the day of shifting, several locals gathered there and the son of the owner called me out for filing a PIL in the court to prohibit the practices of nikah halala and polygamy”.

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“All my belongings were thrown back into the tempo. They tore my clothes and said they would burn my child alive and rape me. Left with no choice I had to call the police,” added the petitioner. “They called me anti-muslim. They also called me BJP and RSS agent”, the petitioner informed.

She was first married in 1999 and has two sons. After several instances of abuse, she was given triple talaq by her husband. Later on, she was forced to marry again by her family but her second husband also gave triple talaq. Now, she lives with her mother and her three kids.

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In less than a year after the Supreme Court declared Triple Talaq unconstitutional, the government is all set to oppose the practices of Nikah Halala and polygamy in the Supreme Court.


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