This smart case will protect your phone from free fall

If you drop your phone quite often and tired of bearing the high cost of repairing it, then you can finally relax as there is a bit like an airbag for your phone.

‘Active damping’ case is the brainchild of Philip Frenzel, an engineer at Aalen University in Germany. His idea won the top award from the German Society for Mechatronics, which considered projects from students all over the country.

The activation mechanism sensors ‘Active damping’ case detect the fall of the phone is in free fall and activate the next step.

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Reportedly, Frenzel initially thought of installing an actual airbag mechanism on the phone. But that, and a foam-based alternative, and a few others, simply didn’t prove practical.

Finally, inspiration struck. Instead of something soft, why not something springy? Perhaps… springs.

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