Checkout Koenigsegg Agera RS hypercar

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Checkout Koenigsegg Agera RS hypercar

Supercar maker Koenigsegg is all set to come up with its new hypercar Agera RS.

Admittedly, rather than a stylish artist’s impression or a camouflaged image of a prototype undergoing testing, the image is really nothing more than a sketch, but it does show a pretty large wing and diffuser. However, those lucky enough to have been invited to attend the invitation-only cocktail launch party were also shown a virtual-reality presentation of the new car. For the rest of us, Koenigsegg says the replacement for the Agera RS is currently set for a global debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year.

The Agera RS also made its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but that was back in 2015. In terms of the extremely limited runs of such cars, the 1,160 horsepower Agera RS was a big success as all 25 units produced were spoken for within 10 months of them being offered for sale to make it the fastest-selling model in the company’s history. Last autumn, the car set an average top-speed record for a hypercar of 277.87 mph in the Nevada desert.

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Although the company’s founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, has said the new car will be even “more capable than the Agera RS,” it won’t be relying on any sort of futuristic hybrid powertrain. Instead, the new model will stay distinguished from the plug-in hybrid Regera by sticking with a revised version of Koenigsegg’s supercharged V-8.

While setting that average top-speed record in Nevada last year the Agera RS hit a one-way top-speed of 284 mph. Because the likes of Hennessey are building cars at the moment with the specific aim of breaking the 300 mph barrier, it will be interesting to see if Koenigsegg takes up that particular challenge with the Agera RS replacement.

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