Vacations are almost over! Parental tips to get reluctant kids back to school

Its back to school in a few days! And while most parents can’t wait to see their kids get back to a routine and structure, there is also the anxiety of the first day that some have to deal with. Getting back to school after a gap of two months means a whole new beginning. Though the pull of friends, learning and fun can lure some, there are some who get anxious and worried.

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Leading psychologists say that change is one factor which makes people vulnerable to such emotions. Two months is a long period to get out of the school pattern. Relaxation and ease sets in the body and most kids get tuned to a pattern of unstructured time. To revisit the set framework, thus, becomes cumbersome. The onus of getting the children back to the rhythm, obviously, then falls on the parents.
While some children return to it easily, there are others who take time.

Kids need to be prepared cheerfully and enthusiastically. Emotional handling and patience are key to such situations. Parents, after all, have a reluctant child to work with and a little aggression could work negatively.
Here are some easy tips which can help both the parent and the child to flow into the schedule easily.

School is a happy zone, talk to them optimistically – kids need to be pepped up for school. Start talking to them about school, the fun times they have had earlier and the friends they will get to meet again. Get the kids to organise their thoughts around what they did during the break which they can discuss in school. Parents have to be cautious that they do this in a very unassuming manner. It should be natural and encouraging.

Re-establish regular bedtime routine –
Vacations are always about getting up late and sleeping late. A drastic change to early hours can be harrowing for children as well as the parents. Hence, getting them back to routine a few days in advance makes the process gradual and easy. Involve your child in the process by speaking to her about your plan.

The art of studying –
Post vacations, getting back to studies can be tiresome. Children need to get their concentration back. Help them by returning to a reading routine and browsing through school books. This helps children get into the groove and feel confident.

Getting the school bag ready –
This is a highlight for kids. Help them get their bags in place. Books, uniform, water bottles, tiffin’s, pencil boxes…let the child get involved in preparing all this for his first day. Let it be an exciting process. This would help raise their spirits and make them eager to go to school.

Review the homework –
Kids get most worked up about holiday homework. Ease the stress. Review the homework in advance and get the patches ironed out. Helps kids be positive, more in control and happy about going back to school.

As parents we need to ensure our kids learn and experience new things during their holidays. However, getting back to school is also a reality which needs emotional, psychological and patient handling. Especially if kids are reluctant.
Let’s help them handle this happily.


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