Now drones used to make umbrellas hands free

Drone powered parasol

Umbrella is an accessory for a rainy and a sunny day. The only disadvantage – it is handheld and makes carrying things difficult. But a company is now experimenting with a drone- powered parasol, which will make it a hands-free accessory.

A Japanese company named Asahi power has made a 150 cm wide parasol that weighs 5 kilograms. However it can only fly 5 minutes at a stretch, when fully charged.  It is reported that the company is trying to extend the flying time to at least 60 minutes, partially by making the device lighter. They are also aiming at making it waterproof so that it can be used year long, whenever the need arises.

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It is looking at launching it next year. It started off as a drone attached to an umbrella. Now a camera is attached to the drone, so that the parasol can identify their user and move around as and when required. According to reports it will to be sold for 30,000 yen each.

Some challenges that need to be addressed before the launch include preventing it from flying away when hit by strong winds. It may be used in private property initially due to the strict drone restrictions in Japan.

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