Five Apps your elders must have in their smart phones

Mobile phones have made lives simpler and are bringing up new features to put humans at ease. We love our elders and as they get into old age, their dependency and health risks increase. Mobile Apps have proved to be a solution to many such problems, some of them are mentioned here :

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Android – 4.5/5   |   iOS – 4.5/5

As you age, your memory doesn’t remain as sharp as it used to be. The tendency to forget things like where you have kept your glasses, your newspaper and most importantly your medicines. The MediSafe App works as a personal assistant where users can load in their list of medications and set reminders as their medicines are scheduled. It also assures that their personal medical information will not be disclosed to any second-or-third party medium.


Android – 4.2/5   |   iOS- 4.7/5

Sudden appearance symptoms can sometimes freak people out. This is one of many medical information apps for seniors useful to anyone trying to diagnose what is wrong with them. Just listing your symptoms will give you a comprehensive list of possible ailments and cures. If anything too serious pops up on the results, you’ll also be advised to speak with your doctor.


Android – 4.1/5  |  iOS – 4/5

This app is a favourite among elderly Android and iOS users, according to the reviews. It serves two purposes, it helps reduce the chances of diseases like Alzheimer’s and forms of dementia because it provides quizzes, puzzles and games that help keep your memory sharp. Secondly, it’s a great way to pass time and have fun with the simple and light content.


Android – 4.6/5   |   iOS – 4.5/5

Our elders are notorious as little kids, they even bribe us to get them forbidden sweets and chocolates. However, chances of diabetes, heart attacks become great risks at an advanced age. Thus, it is necessary for senior citizens to maintain a balanced amount of calories intake. To this end, this app created by  is perfect, because it keeps a steady check by telling you the calorie count for any kind of food or drinks you have consumed in the day. You can then check the total number of calories you have consumed and keep a record and work around it.

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Android – 4.3/5   |   iOS – 5/5
After a certain age, your eyesight starts to dim and hence words like ‘cataract surgeries’ start filling in. Senior citizens often have a problem reading things in small font – digital or on paper – and hence strain their eyes. However, Audible provides an answer to their problems. It provides access to over 1,80,000 audiobooks, allowing users to just listen to the story at a go instead of having to seek spectacles and time to read the same.


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