What girls must do before an online date

What girls must do before an online date

Online dating is recently catching pace and many single youngsters find it exciting to date people through the internet. It is possible to meet people from any corner of the world through this feature and many websites and applications have also been introduced for online dating to make it convenient for people. This online dating can eventually also turn into an ever-lasting relationship by being absolutely careful with a few things. So, before you meet your virtual bae, there are some points that you need to consider in advance.

Background check

Yes, checking the person’s background on social media could be helpful in knowing about him or her. Stalking photographs could also help you know whether you are talking to the actual person as seen in pictures. You can also check the place of work, origin, and friend circle.

Let your best friend know

It is always important that someone knows about your activities and your best friend could be the best person for it. Safety should be your priority, so if your friend knows about your whereabouts, you know that there is someone who can be reached out to in case of an emergency. Location updates, time and plan should also be shared with your friend.

Make sure you know where you are meeting

Choose a venue to meet your virtual date carefully and be cautious of the area. Try meeting at a place with people around so that you don’t feel awkward and lonely. Preferably, avoid meeting at an apartment or any new unknown place. Ensure easy access to the public transport in case you are not using your own vehicle.

Know when you need to escape

You should be alert, aware and prepared to be able to escape in case needed. Imagine if the person you are meeting turns out to be lech or you feel strange in his presence? If you feel you don’t want to be dating or meeting the person again, have an excuse already planned that does not get him annoyed and have a friend in the background who you can call upon in case required.



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