Did you know a dog found the stolen football World Cup trophy in 1966

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Did you know a dog found the stolen football World Cup trophy in 1966

The world is gripped in football fever as the Fifa World Cup is on in Russia. Fans from around the world are just keen to see their favourite team lift the World Cup trophy on July 15th.

But, did you know back in 1966, a dog named Pickles found the Jules Rimet trophy, the original prize of FIFA World Cup, seven days after it was stolen ahead of the tournament’s 1966 edition.

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The dog found the trophy wrapped in a newspaper near his owner David Corbett’s neighbour’s car.

On Sunday 20 March 1966, the FIFA World Cup Trophy was stolen. It was an event that sparked global news, panic among the FA – who had been granted it ahead of the upcoming tournament – and London’s Metropolitan Police, before ultimately making a celebrity of the eventual finder, Pickles the dog, and his owner David Corbett.

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Then FIFA President Stanley Rous agreed to this, as long as these three conditions were followed: the Trophy had to be transported by a reputable security firm, it must be placed in a locked glass case which was guarded 24 hours a day and it was to be insured for £30,000. The trophy was only valued at a tenth of that, while it was surrounded by stamps worth £3m.

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