How to be always ready for an unplanned trip

Do you absolutely love travelling? Is your fridge door crowded with magnets reminding you of all the places you visited? Do your friends or your spouse keep surprising you, from time to time, with unplanned vacations? Then you should always be ready for a TRIP!!

Step 1: Travel backpack- Keep a bag handy with basic travel clothes, a pair of shoes, one essential toilet kit, first aid box, travel journal and a knife. Just pick it up and board the flight.


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Step 2: Save- Why not create a different bank account just for travel money? This way your monthly expenditure or savings will not get impacted and the trip will still be self-sponsored.

Step 3: Map- Since ‘wanderlust’ is your moto, you should have maps of all the cities around the globe in a treasure chest hidden in the store room of your house. It will help you from falling in the traps laid for animals.


Step 4: Research- Use the travel time to know more about the place – search the Net or call people who have been there and done that. Identify a few tourist spots, it will save time. Read a few blogs and prepare yourself mentally.



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Step 5: Make Friends and Enjoy- Locals are usually very friendly and helpful. They can give smart travel tips and suggest places that no website will tell you about. They know the city in and out and can be the best guides.


Carry your camera and click thousands of photos to flaunt in front of your friends. Enjoy the little detour from your daily life and do not forget to write all about it in your travel journal.


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