Luxury skyscraper and residence of Deepika Padukone, CEO’s, on fire in Mumbai

A fire broke out in a multi-storey building at the Worli area of Mumbai and till now 95 people have been rescued from the building. Water is being sprinkled from the two adjoining building to douse the fire, says WO Jain, a BMC official who is at the spot and the fire is still burning and has spread to the other two floors. Mumbai Police says they are ‘Providing help to residents’.

Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone tweeted about being safe, here’s what she tweeted:

In the picture given below, we can see that the fire is raging at the top floors of the building. The building is part of a twin set of residential towers, one of which has a triangle-structure at the top and the other, an inverted triangle. The name of the building is the Beaumont.

Six fire-tenders reached the spot and were fighting the fire. As per the BMC, the fire is a level- 3 fire and the initial reports say that the fire has broken out at the B-Wing of the residential complex at the top floor.


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