Trump-Kim Summit: Meeting better than expected, to sign something soon, says US Prez

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North Korea urges US to sign end-of-war declaration



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Top things to know

  • Trump and Kim head for working lunch.
  • Delegation level talks have ended.
  • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chief of Staff ,John Kelly, were a part of the meeting.
Delegation-level meeting between Trump and Kim
  • Kim’s sister is a part of the North Korean delegtaion.
  • Before the meeting started Kim said, through the translator, that he ‘overcame many obstacles to be in Singapore’, while Trump said that  we ‘will have a terrific relationship’.

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  • The aim of the summit  is to get North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and missiles in exchange for economic incentives and security guarantees. It is being referred to CVID – complete, verifiable, irreversible disarmament. If successful the summit will change the geo-politics of the world and bring stability in relations with south Korea and China.
  • The two are the most unpredictable and mercurial leaders in the world. It is said that Kim can exhibit a lot of self-control, while Trump is more impulsive.

  • They agenda – a closed door, one-on-one, sit-down meeting between the two leaders at the Capella, with only two translators, followed by delegation level talks, a working lunch and a press conference.
  • Donald Trump will leave for the US in the evening, while Kim will leave later in the day.
  • Officials from both sides held two hours of talks, a day earlier on Monday, to push the agenda forward. Gaps remained over what denuclearization would entail.

Early Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted



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