Trump gets candid on G-7 viral picture

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US President Donald Trump said that the picture from the G-7 summit, where he was sitting and the leaders from the G-7 nations stood around him, might look aggressive but it was not so. Trump said he was conversing with Angela Merkel when the picture was taken.

“We were waiting for the (joint) agreement to be bought and were just talking, all of us were just talking” he said. “I have a great relation with Angela Merkel,” he added while addressing the media in Singapore on Tuesday where he concluded a historic summit with the reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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In the picture that Merkel’s team shared on her Instagram account, the German Chancellor, is seen staring down at the US President, Donald Trump while standing behind a table with both hands pressed firmly on its surface atop some documents.

Merkel and Trump are also surrounded by slew of other leaders, including the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and the US National Security Adviser, John Bolton.

The picture of the German Chancellor has invited hilarious captions and memes across social media with many calling it an ‘iconic photo’ of the summit.

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“I had a good meeting at the G-7 summit,” Trump said. As he left the conclave early, to reach Singapore to meet Kim Jung Un, he did not speak to the media once the summit ended but all the other leaders did.

However, he was quick to react to the statement of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by pulling out of the joint communique. He tweeted comments about Trudeau which were not in good taste, calling him ‘weak’ and ‘lame’. His team said that the Canadian had backstabbed the US. This added fire to the fuel and the picture went viral.


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