Depression is a silent killer; do not ignore it

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Depression is not just about feeling sad, but much more than that. However, severe depression can have grave effects on your health and if not treated seriously, it can also lead to death.

Several reports have been found that prove depression to be a silent killer. The maximum cases of depression reported are of adolescents and youth above the age of 18 years. It is one of the most common forms of mental disorder among people.

At times the cause of depression in school life can be the duration between the jump from school to college where the students enter a higher and more intense stage of life. Also, when students find colleges away from their homes, it is difficult for them and takes them a good amount of time to adjust. In the beginning, they could be feeling homeless and this feeling makes them depressed.

Sever effects of depression could be patients attempting suicide and this happens when the illness reached the last and third stage. Peer pressure, examination pressure, stress at work, post-marriage stress and pressure to adjust in the family and moving out of the maiden home, balancing life for men between members of the family after marriage, emotional conditions, and relationships could be some reasons and most common causes of depression. A lot of new mothers also end up getting into depression due to the lack of rest.

Depression is grave and one should not ignore it. There is proper treatment, counselling and prevention can be fruitful in curing depression. There is no shame or guilt needed to visit a counsellor in case of this problem.

The ways to identify a person with depression are changes in sleep, appetite, levels of energy, concentration and daily behaviour patterns. Mood swings, excess sleepiness, excessive hunger, loss of appetite, the feeling of being alone, weight gain or weight loss can also be obvious symptoms of depression.

You can step out of depression by setting a routine for yourself, fixing goals, exercising in a routine, eating healthy, sleeping well, meditating and breathing, overcoming negative thoughts, unwinding yourself, and finally visiting a counsellor.




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