Armed man takes three people hostage in Paris

Paris: Three hostages, possibly including a pregnant woman, have been taken hostage by a man in Paris claiming to be armed with a “bomb and handgun”.

One hostage has been seriously injured, the hostage-taker has claimed.

Reports of the incident are coming from Rue des Petites Ecuries, with armed police and firefighters at the scene.

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Witnesses claimed that the man, described by authorities as “unstable”, claimed to be in possession of a gun and bomb.

One hostage is “seriously injured” after he hit the victim with a wrench, the hostage-taker told police.

The other two hostages, which may include a pregnant woman, are in good condition.
A journalist for a major Paris media firm said two hostages had been taken at an advertising agency’s office near Gare du Nord Eurostar station.

He said: “An armed man is entrenched rue des Petits Stables, Paris 10th. He’s holding two hostages. Cordoned off by law enforcement.”

A security source at the scene said the man wanted to speak to the Iranian embassy and French government.

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Streets in the area have been sealed off by police cordons. Police said the incident was not believed to be terror-related.


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