Your Weekly Astro Prediction

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Your Weekly Astro Prediction

The thrilling weekend finally comes to an end and a busy week is ahead so let’s see what stars have stored in for you in your weekly Astro prediction by the World renowned Astro writer Joanne Madeline Moore.

Horoscope (June 11, 2018 – June 17, 2018)

ARIES [March 20-April 20]


You relish your independence and freedom but don’t be a lone Ram! Wednesday night’s New Moon encourages you to find fresh ways to connect with others – both in your local neighbourhood and your online community. With Venus zooming into your entertainment zone, you’ll also have fun fraternising with family and friends. So why not dress up and let your party animal persona run wild? As writer Emile Zola (a fellow Aries) declared “I came into this life to live out loud!”

TAURUS [April 21-May 21]

Wednesday night’s New Moon is stimulating your money zone so it’s the best week of the year to take stock of your financial situation and find fresh ways to boost cash flow. The more creative and innovative your thinking is, the better the outcome will be. But the planets could also agitate your jealous side, or you could become increasingly demanding towards a child, friend, lover or family member. Uranus reminds you to give loved ones room to move and express themselves.

GEMINI [May 22-June 21]

With the New Moon in your sign (plus Mercury connecting with sparky Uranus) you’re in Gemini gadfly mode as you converse, communicate, socialise and circulate. It’s the best week of the year to refresh your physical appearance, update your wardrobe or review your personal beliefs. And it’s a terrific time for entrepreneurial Twins to launch a website, blog, book or social media campaign. Just make sure your playful chatter doesn’t denigrate into gratuitous gossip.

CANCER [June 22-July 23]

You’re keen to retreat into your cosy Crab cave as the New Moon moves through your contemplation zone. So solo activities like meditation and yoga are favoured. But a close relationship could veer off-course and shake you out of any sense of complacency. Your inner voice will help you to navigate your way home. Be inspired by Princess Diana (who had Sun in intuitive Cancer and Moon in rebellious Aquarius). “I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head.”

LEO [July 24-Aug 23]

This week you’ll feel your Lion’s roar returning! With va-va-voom Venus sashaying into your sign, you’ll be at your lively best as you charm the cynics, dazzle the doubters, and flirt up a storm. The New Moon encourages you to talk about your grandiose goals, divine dreams and spectacular schemes for the future. But make sure you also walk your talk, and actually put those plans into productive action. Plus – if you rush communication – then you could end up in hot water.

VIRGO [Aug 24-Sep 23]

Virgos are clever and capable. The question is – are you confident enough for big time success? The New Moon charges up your career zone, but you won’t get ahead if you waste time making mountains out of molehills. Networking is favoured, as you expand your local and international connections. A wonderful opportunity is heading in your direction but you must grab it when it appears or it will pass you by. So stop over-thinking things and instead, start doing!

LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]

Wednesday’s New Moon activates your travel zone so a heavenly holiday is likely sometime over the coming year. But it won’t happen if you’re a lackadaisical Libran! Take action ASAP via a spontaneous booking (if you’ve got the money) or a smart savings plan (if you’re currently cash-strapped). Plus take a long look at your hidden hopes and wishes for the future. Do they need a radical shake-up? Make sure your dreams are creative, innovative, flexible and fun.

SCORPIO [Oct 24-Nov 22]

Venus moves into your career zone. So socialising with colleagues will help improve workplace relations. If you’re looking for employment, put the word out amongst family and friends. The New Moon encourages you to be financially knowledgeable and proactive. But your carefully planned week could be turned upside down, when Uranus upsets the apple cart and throws some messy surprises into the mix. Especially involving a romantic relationship or a professional project

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 23-Dec 21]

Under the influence of the magical New Moon, it’s a fabulous week to join a dating site, start a romance, propose, get married, reboot a rickety relationship or launch a joint venture. Attached Archers – take the time to talk through problems with your spouse. Singles – look beyond the exterior package that a potential partner presents. Killer curves or bulging biceps may seem enticing but – if the two of you can’t communicate really well – then it’s just not going to last.

CAPRICORN [Dec 22-Jan 20]

Wednesday night’s New Moon encourages you to adjust your home/work ratio so that it’s more balanced for your body, mind and spirit. But loved ones won’t behave in predictable ways this week, so don’t even try to anticipate what they will do next. And avoid butting in, being a bossy Goat, and offering (well-intentioned) advice. Loved ones need to make their own mistakes and follow their own dreams. So smart Capricorns will calm down and be open to change.

 AQUARIUS [Jan 21-Feb 19]

The New Moon encourages you to build bridges with a child or teenager, initiate a fabulous new friendship, start a romance or take up a hobby you’ve always been interested in. But has an old relationship finally run out of steam? Or is a fair-weather friend questioning your behaviour and holding you back? Uranus urges you to review your partnerships and peer group; discard negative influences; and surround yourself with positive people who support your dreams.

PISCES [Feb 20-March 20]

It’s a wonderful week to entertain family and friends at home with a special meal, as the New Moon stimulates your domestic zone, Convivial conversation is a bonus. Being of service to others (with kindness, compassion and style) also brings much joy and satisfaction. Plus take the time to savour and enjoy the simple things in your everyday life … like a kiss from a child or a walk in the park. But avoid making a rash comment (in person or online) that you later regret.

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Joanne Madeline Moore has a special connection with India, as her grandfather was born in Lucknow. She has been a professional astrologer and writer for over 20 years. Her horoscope columns are currently published in over 40 newspapers and magazines [and on websites] in Canada, England, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. You can also read her daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes [and her astrology blog] on her website at

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