In a historic first, Spain has 11 Women in the Cabinet

Madrid: Spain’s new cabinet has included the highest number of female ministers in the country’s history, with 11 women being sworn into Pedro Sanchez’s new cabinet.

The Socialist-led government was sworn in by King Felipe VI on Thursday, marking one of the quickest power transitions in Spain.

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The cabinet also includes six men. One of them is Pedro Duque, who is a former astronaut. He was appointed science minister.

Most of the new ministers mentioned the female majority in their oath-taking on Thursday. Women are now holding some of the most important jobs in Spain like overseeing finance, the economy, defence and education.

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Mr Sánchez’s minority government came to power after a court ruling over a kickbacks-for-contracts scheme involving the conservative Popular Party prompted a “no confidence” vote against Mariano Rajoy, who had been prime minister since 2011.

Mr Sánchez has described his government as feminist, progressive, pro-European and “a loyal reflection of the best in the society that it aspires to serve.”


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