If professional careers are passe, here are some alternate options to choose from

If professional careers are passe, here are some alternate options to choose from
If professional careers are passe, here are some alternate options to choose from

Are you bored of studying to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or any other professional? Do you think these options are now old and you could do something different in your lives? Do you follow your passion to an extent that you could make it your career? Have you analysed the reason for taking up professional career options? Could it be parental, peer or societal pressure? What if we told you that you could make money by making a career in what you like doing as a hobby? If professional careers are passe according to you, here are some alternate options you can choose from.

Home Chef

If you love cooking and feeding people, this could be a great option for you. You don’t have to be a chef in a restaurant or a hotel to be known. You can also cook food and deliver to people around your vicinity by becoming a home chef. Tie up with delivery websites that would help you build your identity. Reduce your operational costs and earn money at the same time enough to lead a basic happy life.

We spoke to a renowned home chef from India and got his insights on home chef as a career option.

Specialised blogger

Do you have the writing skills necessary to be digitally popular? Do you refrain from journalism owing to the odd working hours and rotational shifts? You can utilise all those journalistic skills and become a successful blogger. Own a blog and become as famous as a journalist, however, if you can be honest, people would definitely want to read your stuff.

A top food blogger, Pawan Soni has something to say to the aspiring writers below.

Wine sommelier

A wine sommelier is different from a bartender and this job requires the wine sommelier to taste the wine of different places and countries of different varieties. They train the bartenders at different locations and they are also required to manage some parts of the wine business as well as manage some staff and costs.

Professional scuba diver

If you love being in and around water and don’t need a reason to be away from it, you can learn professional diving and become a scuba diver in any part of the world. A well-paid alternate career that you can choose, however, you need to be healthy to be in the water all the time.

Fitness expert

You could also be a small doctor and guide patients and people on medicines, diet and health by becoming a fitness expert. Plan a diet chart and advise medicines for different ailments to your clients and earn sufficient money from the profession.

We spoke to Jatin Arora, a fitness expert on what he has to say about his career path that he has chosen and his message for the confused professionals.

Image consultant

Enhance the image and personality of people around you and make money out of it. An image consultant helps people improve the way they look, walk, talk and carry themselves in front of other people and companies.

Mystery shopper

Now disguise yourself and visit a store, restaurant, or hotel through a company and get paid for it by secretly reviewing the services, hygiene and quality of the stuff and provide a report of it after your visit. Get compensated for free samples and your travel.



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