Innovations to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’; are you ready?

Today is the World Environment Day and India is playing host. “Beat Plastic Pollution” is the theme of the day and people around the world are recording their contribution to making the environment healthier and cleaner, on social media. But keeping the celebrations to a day will take us nowhere. A few World Environment Years might help.


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‘World Environment Day’ started in 1974 and ever since it has provided a global platform for caretakers of the environment. The outburst on social media in recent years has really boosted the environmental campaigns and people around the world are making major changes to their lifestyle to reduce their plastic footprints. Let’s pledge to make this a better planet for everyone.


From an Indian perspective this day holds specific importance. The fastest growing economy of the World has got a lot of potential in the rural and urban development sector and it is very important for India to not repeat the mistakes of previously developed countries and give the environmental norms their due respect.


Innovative product designs from around the world have emerged as a ray of hope for the ‘new generation environmentalism’.

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Here is a list of such products. The changes they can bring to the world can be path breaking.

Ocean and River Cleaning: Oceans are dying at a very fast pace and plastic is the single largest killer after the fishing Industry. Most of ocean life is found carrying it in their systems. There are several floating devices that collect trash from oceans and utilize it by recycling.

This video showcases two amazing ideas for cleaning oceans and rivers. It also depicts two other ideas vital to combat rising temperatures and heat waves. Brilliant ideas for beach cleaning drives that have started in India and the Namami Gange Programme.

Video Courtesy: “We Need This”

2. Our obsession with disposable plastic is well known. From small Samosa vendor to lavish Indian marriages, the disposable cutlery is everywhere and contribute a major chunk in plastic pollution. The guys at BIOTERM (and many other business ventures) have found the perfect alternative, ie edible tableware! Imagine the impacts of this product and many others on providing better nutrition as well apart from its non-plastic footprint if manufactured on a large scale. Video Courtesy: BIOTERM

3. Recycled Plastic Housing: The Mexicans have come up with these revolutionary plastic homes that provide cheap housing to common people while curbing plastic pollution. India too can benefit and help keep plastic out of the oceans.  Totally a win-win situation!

Courtesy: “We Need This”


4. A plastic bag that ain’t plastic: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ must have been the motto behind this desperate effort by Indonesian people to curb the plastic from poisoning their surroundings. This product can solve a global problem, all it needs is support from governments and most importantly, an initiative by the people.

Courtesy: “We Need This”//(pretty self-explanatory)

5. Sending a message with plastic: These Kenyans are an inspiration to the whole world. They are doing a great work by converting flip-flops into beautiful artworks. Not only is this helping in keeping the oceans clean but also is providing the people of Kenya with employment opportunities.


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