5 year old’s heartfelt letter to Pizza Express makes them change a worldwide practice

Environmental issues are becoming an alarming reason for concern. And the younger generation is realising it faster than the rest of us. After all, it is this world that we are creating for them, that they have to grow up into.

Children are becoming great mascots to look up to, in case of environment related issues. If they set their minds on something, they overcome any obstacle that comes their way. In context is the recent story of a child who has decided to improve the world around her.

Recently, a five-year-old girl, Ava, sent a heartfelt letter to Pizza Express to swap plastic straws for paper ones. She is determined to help the animals of the world and has innocently written to them, hoping for a change. Pizza Express is an Italian food restaurant with over 470 branches worldwide.

Ava’s letter read, “I am writing to you to ask if you could stop using plastic straws because they are very bad for animals. They can get stuck in their mouths and noses. Could you only use straws if people ask for them because I don’t want any animals to get sick.” Pizza Express, recently announced their decision to drop the usage of wasteful utensils and plastic straws. As written by Ava, “They are very bad for animals” the company realised it time to make a change in their system.

A spokesperson for Pizza Express has confirmed that they will be phasing out plastic straws from all the 470 worldwide branches by replacing them with biodegradable and recyclable paper versions.Five-year-old Ava is being praised as one of the world’s youngest environmental stewards. She was successful in convincing the popular pizza chain to ditch the single-use plastics for the betterment of the environment and animals.



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