Are you a couple planning to move in together? Answer these questions first

In every relationship there comes a point where both the partners think that it is the right time to take a step forward. If you and your partner are thinking of the same then hold on to the thought for a moment! Answer these 10 questions to check on your readiness to move in together as a couple.

Will it be your place, your partner’s place or a new house?
Nobody likes to give up on their personal space, their area and their home. In your case who would make the compromise? Your partner or you? This confusion can only have two solutions – either you give up on the idea of moving-in or else start looking for a new place.

How have both of you handled fights in the past?
Do you sit together, express your viewpoints and come to a common conclusion or are you one of those couples who shout on each other and then storm off? If the later is true then you might want to call up the movers and cancel. There is still some thinking to be done.

Are you aware of each other’s annoying habits and still comfortable with it?
You are a cleanliness freak while your boyfriend just likes to shift a huge pile of clothes aside and go off to sleep. Will you be able to live without killing him? Sit and discuss before moving in.

What about your future together?
While reading through the book of life, are you both on the same page? Do you both want to meet each other’s parents or is it just you who is planning a good dinner night? Ask before you book that table.

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Money, Money, Money!
When you run an entire household, there are tons of bills to be paid. Will you split or decide according to the salary earned? Before going broke you might want to make a budget.

What about hygiene and food?
Cleaning of the house, washing the dishes, laundry, cooking, groceries etc are necessary chores. Make a list of who would do what and arrange for help accordingly.

What is a successful relationship?
Sit together and get your expectations spelt out clearly. Before signing the lease, you might want to check on how long you both are staying together.

Clean slate
Are all your secrets out? There might be some hideous incidents from your past that you don’t want your partner to know but with only two people living in one house, it could be tough to hide them. Make sure you start this new phase with a clean slate.

Are you both sure?
Make sure it is a mutual decision and not pressure for the other. Understand each other’s point of view and respect their honesty. Sit down alone and think about your decision. Are you ready for the no makeup face, I just woke up face, after a long day face and a non-Instagram face. Think.

If you both reach the end of this list without actually questioning your decision, then congratulations – it is a match! You might want to call the broker and see the apartment tomorrow itself.


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