WATCH: Double Proposal; who popped the question first

The double proposal that went viral
The double proposal that went viral

The double proposal here describes the story of two females who love each other and plan surprises to propose each other. The 28-year-old Jessa Gillaspie and 25-year-old Becky McCabe went on their first date to Memphis Zoo for a Zoo Brew event held there.

Recently, last Friday, the couple met again at the same place and both of them got engagement rings for each other to get hitched officially. The rings came up as a surprise for each other and the same has been captured in the video below.

Earlier, the two met at the University of Memphis during their graduation and at the zoo, both of them confessed their feelings during the event. They both decided to meet again at the same event hosted again last Friday where the ring exchange surprise took place. The duo is now all set to tie the knot for life by next year in an official ceremony.

In an interview with PEOPLE, they said, ““We knew we definitely wanted to get married someday and talked about what kind of rings we liked, but we decided early on we didn’t want to tell each other when it was going to happen,” Gillaspie, 28, from Memphis, tells PEOPLE. “But we knew it was going to happen at some point — just didn’t know when or how because we wanted those parts to be a surprise.”


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