People wearing glasses are smarter

People wearing glasses are smarter

This may seem to be a perception about people wearing glasses that they are over studious or read too much, however, as per recent studies, those who wear glasses are smarter and more intelligent.

An international renowned university did an analysis of about 45000 people in which they found that the smarter and brainy people were more likely to have DNAs owing them to wear reading glasses and score better than those without the glasses.

The intellectual ability of those wearing glasses is also liked to the genes and this helps in better cardiovascular health.

Glasses soften the appearance of a person making them look serious and conscientious. It is also noted that people who wear spectacles are more reliable, smarter, and honest and if you have noticed, a lot of doctors, lawyers and journalists are spotted wearing glasses.

In the pop culture as well, spectacles are a rage and these days youngsters have been especially getting glasses made in colourful frames which they can wear as accessories that can be paired with their wardrobe.

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