Summer design ideas to jazz up your home

Home decor trends for summer 2018
Home decor trends for summer 2018

Last year was the year of tropical shades and forest themes. This year sees a lot of pastels, gold, blues and cheerful colours and a variety of patterns and themes. Summer is undoubtedly the best time of the year to give a makeover to your home, since the onset of summer brings with it a chance to unwind and refurbish your home. Bright and sophisticated tones are actively seen this year. The most important thing to do before doing up your house is to break free from past notions and go all creative with ideas and patterns that bring a cheer on your face.

NewsMobile spoke to some prominent designers and architects to get their views on the best summer trends for 2018.

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Textures & patterns

You can make your house look whimsical with the blend of scale and proportion in unique textures that give you a great feel to live in the room. Prints are definitely on an increase and can be used on walls and furniture. Abstract prints give an earthy feel and look to the house, especially the ones that depict nature.

In terms of textures, we spoke to Payal Kapoor, the director of a leading interior brand and here is what she recommends for colours and textures.

Upholstery & furniture

The selection of materials and fabrics is crucial. Fabrics play a big role in uplifting your and the family’s mood. Leatherette or faux leather would make you feel sweaty and clingy and can irritate you eventually. Where as, cotton canvases, linen and linen blends are the perfect choice for summers. Curtains of all kinds can also easily be matched to these types of furniture upholstery.

Talking about furniture, light, low-maintenance, and useable furniture works best at home. Ensure that the house is not stuffed with furniture as more space allows more air to enter the house. Oakwood and ash would be pleasing to the eyes with intricate metallic designs. Accent colours like distressed green or white would go best this summer with solid wood table tops and chairs.

Home decor trends for summer 2018

We had a discussion with Vandana Dhawan Saxena, and this is what she said about the essentials and ingredients to use while setting up a house.


The colour of the walls depicts the aura of a home. It is safer to use neutral shades in your rooms such as pink, gold, blue, purple, green and grey. The lighter the tones the cooler your room would feel. Light shades depict peace and harmony. Light green and dull yellow are also the colours in vogue this season.

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One of them, Shreya Singal, an architect says, “Whites make the room look very large and are neutral for both the genders.”

Here are her top picks.


Lighting should perfectly complement daylight during the day. A window-facing room would be ideal for perfect lighting in the house. Ambient lighting, wall sconces, table and floor lamps give a personalized and intimate feel. Dull copper, distressed metal and dull brass lights should be the preferred choice for this summer. The exterior would look stunning with vintage lights and give a warm homey feel overall.

We also spoke to Sabeena Khanna, architect and founder principal of Studio KIA and this is what she said about the latest summer trends.


A simple looking small house can also be done in beautiful and exciting ways. It can totally change the look and feel of the house. It is the colours, patterns, textures, upholstery, furniture and lighting that one usually looks at while redesigning their house. Give it your personalized touch. Hiring good architects is also good idea to do up your home brilliantly.


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