Want this to be the ‘coolest’ summer break within India? these tips will ensure it


We are already neck deep in summers. The heat is at its peak, fatigue is setting in and dollops of hot air swishing our faces with dullness. Time for a break! And if you have planned to tour a location within India, you will definitely need these tips from us. The heat wave could be a deterrent but a little bit of wise thinking, precautions and you are on the go.

The right destination for a holiday –

Choosing a destination within India can be tricky. Beaches are fun but too hot. Hill stations are cooler but are flooded with tourists. Pick a venue which has less to do but more avenues to relax and enjoy from. A hill station which isn’t the top most on the tourist radar, can be a perfect gateway from the heat.

Road trips are for cooler weathers –

Road trips are fun but not the wisest thing to undertake in summers. Even cars can get heated up and god forbid, if there is a break down, it would be mayhem in this heat. Bikes and scooters can cause heat strokes because of the openness.

Timing is everything

Keep afternoon peak time for indoors. This is the time when the sun is at its highest intensity, the loo is killing and dehydration can be a common possibility. Mornings and evenings are perfect to venture out.

Getting the right gear out –

Do not neglect protecting your body. Use sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, protective covering for your body when outdoors. Dehydration and sun burns are a common problem which can occur if not tackled.

Apply a good waterproof sunscreen to all exposed parts of your body and reapply it every three to four hours to ensure that your skin remains protected.

Water and cooling foods –

Street food is always awesome, but in summer when you are prone to dehydration and gastroenteritis, please stay away from oily food or which doesn’t appear fresh. Try cooler, watery foods and fruits like cucumber, coconut and watermelon to remain hydrated.

Carry a bottle wherever you go. Make sure to drink at least 15 glasses of water. Coconut water is a good substitute.

Skin and body care –

Choose appropriate skin care products for summers. What works in winters doesn’t work in dry and hot weather. Take regular showers and apply powders and cooling creams to avoid rashes and acne. Use tissues to wipe a sweaty face from time to time. Use face packs with aloe vera gel or sandal wood powder to soothe the skin.


Wear more of cotton and linen clothes this season. Let your skin breathe. AT the same time, it brings in comfort and flexibility. Lighter shades do not absorb heat.


Carry emergency medication, especially for an upset stomach or a few packets of oral rehydration powder. You never know when you might require them on a trip.

Summers aren’t the easiest of the months yet let it also not deter your spirit for a holiday. Just a bit of preliminary preparations, a few precautions and you may end up having the ‘coolest’ holiday ever!



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