Modi leads on NewsMobile social media poll, lead thin

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The NewsMobile team conducted an online poll on the social networking site Faceboook recently.

The poll conducted asked the audience that- If polls were to be held today whom will you vote for? 

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It was conducted at the eve of Modi’s Government completing 4 years of Governance in the country. To see if people have benefited or visibly noted a change during these 4 years and who would they vote for if the elections were to be held today.

As thousands polled their choice online, we got a winner- Narendra Modi who was supported by approximately 1800 people. While the competition was neck-to-neck as Rahul Gandhi was supported by approximately 1600 people, leading to a thin competition.

Several people all over social media even commented their opinion and while the majority is with the current Government, the 2019 elections are definitely going to be a game changer.



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