Caught in the wrong job or grinning in the perfect set up? these steps help you decipher

Ever wondered if you are cut out for the job you are performing? Does the thought of going to office on a Monday morning delight you? Is your job the kind which will make you want to hold on to it?

These are questions that need diligent attention and thought to.

Most times, the answers aren’t as black and white as we would want them to be. Confusion and mixed feelings about work can make us sway both ways. There are days when we hate it and then there are days when our productivity is so high that we love the job at hand.

So how does one decide if they are in the right job. Here are some points that may help –

You are driven to want to work – Is getting ready for work a botheration. When at work, you keep looking at your watch for the day to end. Or is it the opposite? These are crucial answers to have.

Take stock of your work – If someone were to ask you “Do you like your job?” what would your answer be.

You are learning professionally – Is your job teaching you beyond the known. Is your skill set and learning enhanced from what you had arrived with?

The work environment – Does the work atmosphere get you excited. Your colleagues & boss are not just fun but sincere in their approach towards work. You are given ample opportunities to hone your skills. There is a fine balance between your work environment and your personal life and neither overlaps the other.

You have a growing curve – Your job and organisation are in good health. You know what you want and it is in line with what your job demands. Your future is secure and there are growth opportunities planned for you.

List down things that you like about your job – Take your time and really think about what kicks you about your profile.

Create your own work diary. Make a list of each task you do every day for two weeks and rate every task out of 10. At the end of the two weeks you should have an accurate representation of your role and hence an answer to how satisfied you possibly are.

Leaving a job is never an easy answer. Sometimes, there are social and personal responsibilities because of which we need to stay put in a work profile, which otherwise, may not be the most inclusive one for us.

Yet, taking a decision is crucial. Working in an inappropriate work environment or role, is detrimental in the long run. Not only does it bring down personal efficiency but also creates a negative forum for us.

Hence deciding in advance, after weighing all the pros and cons, is imperative.

And if the answer to a majority of the questions above is a yes, then it’s time to celebrate because you have found the perfect calling for yourself.


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