This Rajasthan village finally has a wedding after 22 years

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A drop of water is worth more than a bag of gold to a thirsty man. This adage holds true for the men of Rajasthan’s Rajghat village. None of them have been able to get married for the last 22 years because no one wanted to send their daughter to Rajghat as a bride.

The village has not seen a wedding reception or a bride stepping on its soil for 22 years because until recently they had no access to clean drinking water. Also, there was no road and power supply.

No parents from across the state and beyond were willing to marry their daughters in Rajghat.

But, this changed recently when clean drinking water made its way to the impoverished village. This miraculously changed the fates of eligible bachelors in the village as well.

On April 29th, 23-year-old Pawan Kumar broke the jinx by getting married and bringing home his wife from the nearby state of Madhya Pradesh.

His marriage has brought joy to the entire village, which welcomed a bride for the first time since 1996.

“We had no access to clean drinking water, electricity, and diseases spread very fast as we do not have adequate medical facilities. Our children also do not get access to education due to lack of schools in the village,” one villager said.

Other villager also had the same grievances.

“We did not have electricity in the village for several years. The authorities also did not do anything to improve the situation,” a woman said.

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