The love of this couple blossomed through Facebook, just met once before marriage

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The love of this couple blossomed through Facebook, just met once before marriage

Love can happen to anyone and anywhere and with anybody. Sneha Chaudhary from Mumbai would totally agree as she found the love of her life while “just scrolling” through her Facebook feed. She married Harsh Mehta, a Facebook friend whom she had never spoken with and never met.

The 28-year old told Humans of Bombay, a Facebook page, she was ready for marriage but never “felt a connection” with anyone. Chaudhary got a message from Harsh Mehta one fine day in 2015 when she was least expecting to find a husband.

Mehta’s message to Chaudhary was simple. “Do we know each other?” he asked. “Call me crazy, but I took a shot and replied instantly,” Chaudhary told the Humans of Bombay.

Their love story just blossomed from that moment on.

“We spoke for a month, but it felt like years. Time was moving slowly — we’d talk endlessly and still feel like it wasn’t enough. I remember the day we spoke for 18 hours –when our phone batteries were low, we would quickly power up our laptops to Skype! I was addicted, I didn’t feel like my day was complete, until I’d shared it with him,” she said.

“Love doesn’t have a timeline. I could spend ten years with someone but never feel that connection…or spend the rest of my life with someone I met yesterday and be ridiculously happy and I am…ridiculously happy!”.

Mehta, who lives in Australia, came to India just two days before their wedding and it was the first time that he met Chaudhary.

“It was magnetic — we hugged at the airport for what felt like a lifetime. The security guard had to ask us to leave!”

It’s been three years since they got married but they still have not been able to decide who was the first one to send a “friend request” on Facebook.



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