This boy who’s singing is not a martyr’s son

A video of a young schoolboy is making rounds on Social Media and WhatsApp. In the video, the boy is seen singing a song.

According to the caption along with the video, it claims that He (the kid in the video) is a martyr’s son and his mother also passed away in shock.

The Caption Read: This is an Army Officer’s son. His father died in an operation against militants. His mother died of shock on hearing the news. He is studying in a boarding Army Public School. Look at his confidence.

PM Modi is at the programme.An exceptionally beautiful video, must watch*👆 Try not shedding a single tear, u almost get choked.


Well, the boy sang the song beautifully but the above caption is not at all true.

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After an extensive research, it was revealed that Ghulam-e-Murtaza (boy in the video)belongs to Pakistan.

He is a popular child star from Pakistan, far from being orphaned, his parents are actually alive and well. Murtaza is the son of Nadeem Abbas, who is also a singer.

The song that went viral was actually a tribute to the 141 people who died in a Taliban attack in Peshawar’s Army Public School.


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