Jammu and Kashmir’s new traffic conscience keeper

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Jammu and Kashmir’s new traffic conscience keeper

This cop in Jammu and Kashmir who is hailing from Odisha is setting a benchmark in Traffic Policing with his flamboyant style and aggressiveness by issuing appeals and warnings to follow the traffic rules in Jammu & Kashmir. IPS officer Basant Kumar Rath has vowed to bring everyone including the citizens, politicians and police officials on right track.

Rath soon after assuming the charge as the IGP (Traffic) in Jammu & Kashmir, he landed in a series of controversies for his style of action directed at everyone who refuses to wear helmets and whom he termed as politically well-connected individuals.

Hailing from Odisha and an alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the 2000-batch IPS officer Basant Rath is best known for his straightforwardness on social networking sites like Facebook and microblogging site Twitter.

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As if the Jammu and Kashmir people would love to see the traffic updates posts on Twitter by Rath after they wake up from the sleep in the morning.

In the militants infested state like Jammu & Kashmir, Rath is like a moving force in the vehicular traffic system. He leaves no stone unturned when he catches anyone riding the bike without the helmet.

His strict attitude in profession and dauntlessness has won many hearts on Twitter and Facebook.

Taking to Twitter Rath told media, the fourth pillar of democracy that continues to focus Rath for his style of action and delivering duty that it can never make him speak against his consent.\

His attitude towards his duty and service is clearly reflected in his tweets:

Be it male or female two-wheeler riders, he never relaxes traffic rules for anyone. He has a simple theory, either to buy a good quality helmet or pray for his transfer from the post.

He keeps on informing about the traffic rules to people. He is the officer who is accessible to the people of Jammu.


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