Happy parenting is not too far

Happy parenting is not so tough
Happy parenting is not so tough

Infertility has become a major issue among couples these days and especially, in India. The fertility rate day by day is decreasing and this seems to be a point of discontent, stress, anxiety and aggression among the families. Almost 10 percent couples are facing the challenge of naturally conceiving a child, and of course, there are several reasons that account for this riveting issue.

According to statistics, that on an average, 27 million couples are extensively affected by infertility and natural birth of a baby leads to major turmoils among them. And, what once used to be a private affair is no longer a secret.

Basically, infertility is the inability to conceive naturally or by natural means. And surprisingly, it is the women that have a higher ratio of fertility issues as compared to men. If 30-40 percent are men then about 50 percent are women with problems.

There are numerous factors that result in this issue that are enlisted below.


Lifestyle primarily contributes to a happy married life. The food that they eat, the hectic schedules that make it difficult for them to exercise or take time out for themselves are found to be missing. A healthy diet, happy life are major determinants of for a healthy baby. Obesity or malnutrition both are equally harmful to a safe and sound pregnancy.

Marital age

With more and more couples increasing their marital age, family planning undoubtedly takes a back seat. One might find it strange but the right age to reproduce also heavily contributes to natural conception. Once females cross 35 years of age, it becomes extremely difficult for them to conceive and deliver through natural means.

Bidding goodbye to intoxicants

Drinking alcohol, smoking and, taking to other forms of intoxicants can be deterrents to a healthy conception. Couples have huge social circles and to stay in the groups, they choose to be on top of the game. However, in the long run, this could leave them in a soup. Medical issues and the chances of infertility increase on taking intoxicants regularly.

So, to move towards natural fertility and happier parenting, one needs to look into these factors and change the way they live and think.





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