Make India safe for women; diverse people ‘walk the talk’, provide tangible security solutions

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Make India safe for women; diverse people 'walk the talk', provide tangible security solutions

Women safety in India is increasingly becoming a topic of grave gravitas. Every single day, media channels and newspapers are full of cases of severe atrocities committed not just on women but young kids too. Levels of crime have reached such an inhumane level that it is appalling.

This also presents a dichotomy of what we want to achieve. A developing nation on the road to immense development, industrialisation, economic independence or a country which in reality is digressing towards casteism, women suppression, disrespect for personal privacy and oppression of the vulnerable. Where a woman is scared to trust even the people she knows. Where children are taught suspicion rather than trust.

NewsMobile spoke to many Indians – working women, homemakers, students, men –  to find out what they think the future of this country is.

We asked them these two basic questions –

  • In today’s context, what does safety mean to you?
  • What according to you, can be 3-4 tangible ways in which women safety can be enhanced.

Let’s see what they have to say.

Clearly, the masses are in no mood to ‘just’ talk. They want action for this menace which is eating up our societal norms.

Safety rules, stringent laws, educating children about right and wrong (especially boys), inculcating a culture of respect for women, imparting knowledge about safety/helpline mobile applications in case of emergency, safety for women against cyber crime, capital punishment for the guilty and creation of a cultural and social fitment where each human being is allowed to choose their way of living, with dignity and freedom. Where caste, religion, creed and hierarchy doesn’t matter!

The good part – India is now at that stage of frustration where every Indian on the street wants to be a part of the solution. The government should make ‘Change Groups’ right from the grassroots level, so that people are a part of structuring concrete actionables.

Every women should be armed with pepper sprays, should be trained with techniques to fight back, should have access to help groups, should feel safe about approaching the police, should be promised prompt action through fast tracks courts and government assistance. After all, the onus of change lies with each one of us.

Its time India moves forward towards a better and more secure future.


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