In London, Namo does ‘Ghar’ Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a master of political jugglery and that was visible tonight as he had a marathon dialogue from the historical Westminster hall in London that was beamed globally.

From sending out a tough message to Pak, to a strong statement against rape incidents Modi addressed all major issues.

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Clearly the stage was set for campaign in Karnataka and larger goal of win not f the next Lok Sabha elections with carefully scripted questions on his Big Bang development schemes.

While Modi was the star performer, the moderator Prasoon Joshi seemed like an unsure bowler. There were some spoilers though, the long ad promotions that interrupted the dialogue and a local NRI host who even jumbled up the names.

Surely Namo struck yet another smart optics move.

Here are the big takeaways

PM Modi on Pakistan’s terror activities.

“Pakistan running a terror industry, can’t fight a war but stabs in back, this is Modi and can respond in your language”

PM Modi on Kathua rape case.

“India can’t tolerate rapes, women’s security a serious issue, but can’t politicise the rape of a child’ PM Modi on Kathua rape case”

India believes in me.

PM Modi on poverty

“I don’t have to live the life of poverty from books or TV, because I have lived that life.”

PM Modi on Senior citizen and health

“40 Lakh people voluntary left senior citizen concession in the railways”


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