Time to shed the perversion sheet

Today we are at that point of our entire history where we have no answers for a lot of important questions. Some of those questions needs to be answered immediately. one such question is the solution for rape culture in our country. Every day we hear a new incident of rape in India, most of them go unnoticed by mainstream media.

But two recent incident of rape have been widely covered and debated in all forms of media. The brutal rape of an 8 year old in Kathua, Jammu and the rape of a young girl by a ruling party MLA at Unnao, UP.

Violence against women and other marginalised communities is nothing new in India. With each incident we get down on streets holding placards and midnight candle march screaming slogans at the top of our voice against the ruling party like its the mandatory action.

But on 16th April 2018 something happened, that stoop humanity to a new low among us Indians, a shocking screenshot of a porn website shared by an online user shows the name of the victim trending among the most searched porn videos in India.

Message shown by a popular porn site when searched for rape

This arises a question of who really is the culprit here? The brutal rapist of the thousands who searched for an 8 year old rape victims video on a porn site, making it number 1 trending in India. How low can India sink?



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