Fashionably late: Saudi Arabia to host its first ever fashion show

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Fashionable women, dark-haired Saudis and blonde Eastern Europeans alike, filled the gold-trimmed halls of Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, marking the start of Saudi Arabia’s first fashion week last week.

Models and makeup artists preparing for the inaugural Saudi episode of Arab Fashion Week that ran Apirl 10-14 said they were surprised the event was taking place in the deeply conservative Muslim kingdom.

Photography will be prohibited as the models won’t be wearing traditional abayas attire. Men won’t be allowed to attend the catwalk shows. According to a report, models and makeup artists gearing up for the event expressed surprise that the fashion event was taking place in the “deeply conservative Muslim Kingdom.”

The event, due to its given nature, has naturally amassed interest of international guests who wish to attend it. The event was reportedly postponed multiple times as there were issues pertaining to VISAs of the attendees.

“The decision for postponing the event was made simply so that we are able to accommodate all the international guests who had applied to attend,” Jacob Abrian, the chief executive of the Arab Fashion Council told The New York Times.

Meanwhile, Arab Council is planning on citing Saudi Arabia as a hub for an emerging fashion trend.


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