Apology from Starbucks CEO for arrest of two black men in Philadelphia

Starbucks CEO apologises, Starbucks Philadelphia apologises
Starbucks CEO apology in Philadelphia

After the hustling outrage of two black men arrested by Starbucks Philadelphia, Starbucks is in a state of shame and apology for the situation. Before we go further into the story, the synopsis of the situation is that two black men went to Starbucks to use the washroom, however, since they did not purchase anything from the store, one of the employees denied the request.

The employee asked the men to leave, but the men did not agree to do so, and it turned out into a grave argument, which forced the employee to call the police and arrest the men. The men were arrested and later released from prison.

This turmoil angered the Twitteratis and led to severe comments and remarks on Twitter with hashtags such as #BoycottStarbucks. The company and CEO of Starbucks apologised later where he asked to apologise to the men in person and make any changes required by them to prevent any such situation to occur again.

Below is the tweet by CEO of Starbucks Kevin R. Johnson:


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