Gmail to introduce ‘confidential mode’ soon

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Days after announcing a new web design for Gmail, Google has now highlighted plans to develop a ‘confidential mode‘ for its email service.

The new function when introduced, will allow the users to stop recipients from forwarding certain emails or restrict the ability to copy, download or print those mails.

According to a media report, it was noted that Gmail users may soon require a passcode to open emails, which will be generated via text message or set an expiration date on sent emails, thus improving Gmail’s popularity among businesses.

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Last week, the tech giant, in an email to G Suite users, had announced that it is working on revamping Gmail for web users.

A number of new features will be available to the users post the revamp.

With the new version of Gmail, users would be allowed to access Google Calendar from the Gmail interface directly. Also, in case a user is unable to attend to a mail immediately, Google may introduce a snooze option for the mail to reappear in the inbox after a specific  time frame.

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Furthermore, the company is likely to bring the option of algorithmically-generated smart replies, which is available on Gmail for iOS and Android, on the web version as well.

Google is also reportedly working on a new way to store emails for offline access, following the dilution of Chrome Apps.

On a related note, Google said that its Gmail update will be rolled out in the near future, while a message to an early access program revealed that it would be available in the coming weeks, according to the above report.

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