Trump had sought investigation on ‘Pee Tape’: Comey

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If the former FBI Director, James Comey, who was fired under controversial circumstances by the US President, Donald Trump, is to be believed, Trump had pressured him to investigate the “pee tape” and also added that the ‘tape could be real.’

Comey made of the most extraordinary statement ever broadcast in history of television when he said, “I don’t know whether the current President of the United States was with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013.” He spoke these sensational  sentences on breakfast TV that is watched across the US by family audiences.

Comey also claimed that the US President had asked him to investigate the allegations from the ‘dossier’ compiled by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent.

The now-famous ‘dossier’ allegedly contains several salacious and detailed graphic material on Trump.

One such claim from the 35-page document is that Trump engaged in a sexual encounter with a prostitute in Russia in 2013, following which he urged the prostitute to urinate on a hotel bed that then president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle had once slept in. The document also raised the possibilities of the incidence being caught on camera.

In an exclusive interview, Comey revealed that he met with the US President to discuss the unverified claims, following which the latter asked him to investigate the matter and “prove that it didn’t happen”.

Trump even said it would be “terrible” if his wife Melania would believe the allegations mentioned in the dossier to be true.

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