Here’s the truth behind Prof. HC Verma donating Rs 1 crore to PM’s relief fund

Professor HC Verma who is one popular names among the science students who is the author of the immensely popular Physics books recently became part of a viral post on social media.

The viral post claimed that Prof HC Verma received Rs 1 crore as royalty every year for his book Concept of Physics and that he donated the money to PM’s Relief Fund and other charities. The post further claimed that he also paid the fees of poor students with the salary he got as a senior professor at IIT Kanpur and that he still rides his Bajaj Priya.

And what was next? In no time people started saluting the Physics mystro on social media and even posted pictures with Bajaj Priya (Scooter).

The Real Story

When this post reached Professor Verma, he wrote a Facebook post clarifying that the claims made in the post are FAKE.

He Wrote: Dear Friends, I came to know about a twitter post telling that I earn 1 crore of royalty and donate the whole money to PM relief fund. I wish I could do that.
I wish to categorically deny the information. A scooter photo is also shown in the post. I never had a scooter of this colour and make. 
I am just one of you, a common man and a physics learner.


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