Apps that help parents de-addict their children from social media obsession

A big challenge for parents nowadays is to keep their children off social media. Increasing number of adolescent kids are hooked on to various social mediums via mobiles, laptops and computers. Facebook and Instagram are the calls of the day. Parents have little control over the content that their children have access to

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Though not all is bad with these networking sites as they also help people be in touch and for parents to be aware of their child’s whereabouts. But, it cannot be debated that they are a source of great distraction. A previous study shows that parents of 12 to 18-year-olds are more worried about their children’s use of social media than about drugs or alcohol.

However, not all is lost. Research shows that there are applications which can help kids leave these habits. These 4 apps can offer inspiration and help children learn new things.

In order to make sure young individuals make best of their free time, these apps and platforms for parents help kids improve their knowledge base.

A teenager is greatly influenced by the people he is surrounded with. TED talks help build the personality of children by connecting them with some of the world’s most fascinating people. By listening to successful personalities from various sectors, children get inspired to become one of them. A motivating environment gets created.

It is a live quiz by the app. The show not only helps students learn but also in to interact with the live performers. A great app to build on the general knowledge skills in an interesting setup.

Angry Words
It is a multi-player Scrabble-type game that will help teenagers exercise their mind while having a good time. This app is a great way to utilise one’s free time during vacations or for short breaks while studying.

Duolingo makes the process of learning new languages more engaging and enthralling. One gets three lives per level and has to get through each by successfully translating to and from a chosen language, pronouncing words and phrases correctly and transcribing short sentences over roughly 20 rounds to a level. In today’s global village scenario, this application helps a child to master languages, which in the long run, will be very helpful.

Technology addiction can be harrowing for parents. Working out ways to get them to move to more productive applications is one of the resorts that can help handle these situations.


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